Hamdi Dibeklioğlu

Assistant Professor in the Computer Engineering Department of Bilkent University







- Title of the talk:
Recent Developments in Deep Face Analysis

 Computer analysis of faces has been a popular research area over the last two decades due to its challenging and multidisciplinary nature. Nowadays, with the pervasive presence of cameras and powerful processing devices, face analysis is getting involved in our lives. While prior studies mostly deal with recognizing identity, age, gender, and expression of basic emotions, following the recent dramatic improvements in the field of deep learning, scientific interest has shifted the focus to several different tasks. Furthermore, with the significant increase in the number of facial video databases, temporal analysis has become a default setup for face analysis, revealing subtle and complex patterns of facial responses. In this tutorial, I will present recent deep approaches to model such patterns for various tasks such as analyzing personality traits, recognizing preferences, assessing psychopathology, deceit detection, kinship verification, and age estimation. As well as overviewing methodological concepts, I will discuss recent findings and remaining research challenges in the area of face analysis.


- Short biography:

Hamdi Dibeklioğlu is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Engineering Department of Bilkent University as well as being a Research Affiliate with the Pattern Recognition & Bioinformatics Group of Delft University of Technology. He received the B.Sc. degree from Yeditepe University in 2006, the M.Sc. degree from Boğaziçi University in 2008, and the Ph.D. degree from the University of Amsterdam in 2014. Before joining Bilkent University, he was a Postdoctoral Researcher at Delft University of Technology, a Visiting Researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research focuses on affective computing, computer vision, and pattern recognition. Dr. Dibeklioglu is a Program Committee Member for several top tier conferences in these areas. He was a Co-chair for the Netherlands Conference on Computer Vision 2015, a Local Arrangements Co-chair for the European Conference on Computer Vision 2016, a Publication Co-chair for the European Conference on Computer Vision 2018, and a Co-organizer of the eNTERFACE Workshop on Multimodal Interfaces 2019. He is a member of IEEE, ACM, and Computer Vision Foundation.