Dear ipta participants, you can download a pdf version of the program at the following link: images/banners/Ipta-2023-Program4.pdf    also a book version of the program: images/banners/Program-final-ipta2023.pdf


    IPTA 2023, Conference Program        
Monday 16/10/2023  Salle Bastille          
08:20  Welcome Desk  Registration          
08:50 Opening Conference Chairs        
09:00 Tutorial 1 Explainable AI in the problems of Image Classification      
    Prof. Jenny Benois-Pineau        
    University of Bordeaux        
    Chairs: Mourad OUSSALAH, Khalifa DJEMAL        
10:30 Coffee break            
10:45 Tutorial 2 Retinal images : From biometrie to early diagnosis of ocular pathologies      
    Prof. Rostom Kachouri        
    ESIEE Paris          
    Chairs: Rachid JENNANE, Jean-Yves DIDIER        
12:30 Lunches            
14:00 Session 1 Pattern recognition and computer vision:  I      
    Chairs: Rachid JENNANE, Sheli Sinha CHAUDHURI        
  P61 Exploration of Deep Methods for Cross-Domain Aerial Image Matching      
    Md Shahid, Prajwal VK, Inzamam-ul Haq, Md. Faisal      
  P14 A 3D Deep Learning Approach for Meniscus Tear Severity at the Region-level      
    Mohamed BERRIMI, Rachid JENNANE, Mourad OUSSALAH      
    France / Finland        
  P15 RWU3D: Real World ToF and Stereo Dataset with High Quality Ground Truth      
    Ankita AGRAWAL, Tobias SCHMAHLING, Tobias MULLER      
  P42 Foliage-Pattern-Identifier: A Hybridized Grey Wolf & Adam optimized Deep Learning architecture designed for identification 
    of similarly patterned leaves        
    Sriparna BANERJEE, SK Daud HASSAN, Suranjana MUKHERJEE, Sheli Sinha CHAUDHURI, Khalifa DJEMAL, Amir Ali FEIZ 
    India / France        
  P47 VK-SITS: a Robust Time-Surface for Fast Event-Based Recognition      
    Laure ACIN, Pierre JACOB, Camille SIMON-CHANE, Aymeric HISTACE        
16:00 Coffee break            
16:15 Session 2 Medical image identification        
    Chairs: Mourad OUSSALAH, Rostm KACHOURI        
  P55 Early glaucoma screening Decision Tree using in-depth clinical analysis of the optic nerve head    
    Rostom Kachouri, Mohamed Akil, Amed Mvoulana        
  P39 Skin Cancer Classification using Levy Stable Based Ensemble and It’s Real-Time Implementation on OpenVINO Toolkit
    Moumita Hait, Rajani Das, Asfak Ali, Sheli Sinha Chaudhuri, Khalifa Djemal      
    India / France        
17:15 Session 3 Image and video processing, coding and compression: I      
    Chairs: Dionysis GOULARAS, Jean-Yves Didier        
  P5 Automatic Retail Dataset Creation with Multiple Sources of Information Synchronization    
    Ricardo PALACIOS, Bryan PIGUAVE, Jefferson HERNANDEZ, Andres ABAD      
  P41 Fuzzy Logic based adaptive weighted despeckling method designed considering inter-pixel scattering similarities      
    Debanka PAL, Sriparna BANERJEE, SK Daud HASSAN, Sheli Sinha CHAUDHURI, Khalifa DJEMAL       
    India / France      
  P25 Blind Image Separation Using Composite Criteria based on Statistical Information and Sparse Representation  
18:15 End of the first day            
Tuesday 17/10/2023  Salle Trichaud 2          
08:20  Welcome Desk Registration          
08:30 Session 4 Pattern recognition and computer vision:  II      
    Chairs: Sheli Sinha CHAUDHURI, Jenny BENOIS-PINEAU        
  P17 Context-Aware Facial Expression Recognition in Group Photos      
    Duygu CAKIR, Nafiz ARICA        
  P22 An Order and Difference Local Binary Pattern for Hyperspectral Texture Classification    
    Adam EL BERGUI        
  P24 Visualization for Multivariate Gaussian Anomaly Detection in Images      
  P34 EOD-Net: Enhancing Object Detection in Challenging Weather Conditions Using an Innovative End-to-End Dehazing Network.
  P35 Leveraging Transfer Learning for Analysing Cattle Front Teat Placement      
    Hina AFRIDI, Mohib ULLAH, Anne Guro LARSGARD, Faouzi ALAYA-CHEKH      
  P53 Interactive and light approach for near duplicate retrieval in multiple contexts      
    Samuel LOZACHMEUR, Thierry URRUTY, Philippe CARRE      
10:30 Coffee break            
10:45 Invited Speaker 1 Development of Land Cover Monitoring System using Simultaneous Multi-pixel Classification Strategy 
    based Deep Neural Architecture        
    Prof. Sheli Sinha CHAUDHURI        
    Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India         
    Chairs: Sos Agaian AGAIAN, Jérôme LAPUYADE-LAHORGUE        
11:45 Session 5 Image forensics and security        
    Chairs:  Dionysis GOULARAS, Jean-Yves DIDIER        
  P7 Enhanced DFT-Based Chaotic Image Block Cipher with Several Modes of Operation    
    Mahmoud YASSIN, Ali NASIR, Mostafa TAHA, Naveed IQBAL      
    Saudi Arabia / Canada        
  P30 Deep Ensemble Learning with Frame Skipping for Face Anti-Spoofing      
    Usman MUHAMMAD, Md Ziaul HOQUE, Mourad OUSSALAH, Jorma LAAKSONEN      
12:30 Lunches            
14:00 Special Session Signal, Image processing and Machine Learning for Neuroscience    
    Chairs: Mouloud ADEL, Régine LE BOUQUIN JEANNÈS, Salah BOURENNANE      
  P9 Retrospective motion estimation for fetal brain MRI      
    Chloé MERCIER, Sylvain FAISAN, Alexandre PRN, Nadine GIRARD, Guillaume AUZIAS, Thierry CHONAVEL, Francois ROUSSEAU        
  P21 Features Extraction on Independent Component Analysis Computed on Interictal Magnetoencephalography to Characterize Epileptic Sources
    Aurore Semeux-Bernier, Francesca Bonini, Maria Fratello, Elodie Garnier, Samuel Medina Villalon, Jean-Michel Badier, Frédéric Richard, Christian-George Bénar
  P31 Post-processing of light sheet fluorescence microscope images using auto-encoders and Richardson-Lucy deconvolution
    Adrien Julia, Rabah Iguernaissi, François Michel, Valery Matarazzo, Djamal Merad      
  P60 Dynamic Time Warping-based distance for constructing individual brain networks from FDG-PET Images: Application to Alzheimer’s Disease
    MINH TUAN Pham, Mouloud Adel, Nguyen Linh Trung, Eric Guedj      
15:15 Coffee break            
15:30 Session 6 Machine Learning methods for image and video analysis: I      
    Chairs: Pong C Yuen, Mouloud ADEL        
  P6 Invariant Convolutional Networks      
    Matěj LEBL, Jan FLUSSER      
    Czech Republic      
  P11 CNN Ensemble Robust to Rotation Using Radon Transform      
    Václav KOSIK, Jan FLUSSER, Tomáš KARELLA        
    Czech Republic        
  P13 Heuristic hyperparameter choice for image anomaly detection      
  P28 U-Net with Attention Module: Gland Segmentation in H&E Histopathological Images    
    Zeynep YILDIRIM, Refik SAMET, Emrah HANCER, Nooshin NEMATI, Mohamed Traore MALI      
  P29 OSA-NET : An Efficient Convolutional Neural Network for OSA Diagnosis Screening Tool    
    June-Young Park, Tae-Joon Kim, Hye-Rim Shin        
17:00 Session 7 Machine Learning methods for image and video analysis: II      
    Chairs: Jérôme LAPUYADE-LAHORGUE, Dionysis GOULARAS        
  P36 Self-supervised Animal Detection in Indoor Environment      
    Taifour YOUSRA, Adane TAREKGN, Mohib ULLAH, Azeddine BEGHDADI, Faouzi ALAYA-CHEKH     
    France / Norway        
  P40 Prediction of Head-Neck Cancer Recurrence from PET/CT Images with Havrda-Charvat Entropy    
    Thibaud BROCHET, Jérôme LAPUYADE-LAHORGUE, Li HUA, Pierre VERA, Pierre DECAZES, Su RUAN    
  P48 Transformers-Based Neural Network for Cardiac Infarction Segmentation in Delayed-Enhancement MRI  
    Erwan LECESNE, Antoine SIMON, Mireille GARREAU      
18:00 Concert              Music meets Science Group
 Restaurant Salle-Blanche        
  Artists:  François Pineau-Benois, violon   and Mark Drobinsky, violoncelle        
  Program: W.-A. Mozart : Duo sol Majeur K-423 G.-F. Haendel-J. Halvorsen : Passacaglia        
    Allegro-Adagio-Rondo C. Saint-Saëns : Introduction et Rondo Cappriccioso, op. 28        
    C. Saint-Saëns : Danse Macabre, op. 40 L.-C. Daquin :Coucou        
    J.-B. Rameau : La Poule N. Paganini : Carnival de Venise        
 18:45  Cocktail, all participants
 Restaurant Salle-Blanche          
Wednesday 18/10/2023  Salle Terrasse de Bel Air          
08:20  Welcome Desk  Registration          
08:30 Session 8 Machine Learning methods for image and video analysis: III      
    Chairs: Jenny BENOIS-PINEAU, Rachid JENNANE        
  P43 MangNet: A Muti-Scale Contextual Information Driven Deep Learning Architecture designed to perform Sunderban Landcover classification    
    SK Daud Hassan, Sriparna Banerjee, Debanka Pal, Sheli Sinha Chaudhuri, Khalifa Djemal, Amir Ali Feiz    
    India / France           
  P50 Leveraging Explainability methods in Spectral Domain for Data Augmentation and efficient training of CNN classifiers for Covid-19 Detection
    Meaza Eyakem GEBREAMLAK, Meghna P AYYAR, Jean-Pierre SALMON, Jenny BENOIS-PINEAU, Akka ZEMMARI  
  P58 Prediction of Air Pollutant Concentrations in Airport Areas using Machine Learning Architecture  
    Huaijin WANG, Khalifa DJEMAL, Amir Ali FEIZ, Sheli Sinha CHAUDHURI      
    France / India        
  P49 Effects of Region of Interest Location on Osteoarthritis Detection Using Deep Learning          
    Bouyahmed TINHINANE, Yassine NASSER, Ahmad ALMHDIE, Soraya ALOUI, Rachid JENNANE          
10:00 Coffee break            
10:15 Invited Speaker 2 Annotation-Efficient Deep Learning for Medical Image Segmentation      
    Prof. Pong C Yuen        
    Hong Kong Baptist University        
    Chairs: Mouloud ADEL, Sheli Sinha CHAUDHURI        
11:15 Session 9 Applications: I        
    Chairs: Djemel ZIOU, Jean-Yves DIDIER        
  P26 Tobacco Leaf Disease Segmentation based on TDSSNet      
    JinLiang OU, Hong LIN, Zhenping QIANG, ZhuQun CHEN, YanZe ZOU      
  P23 Skin Lesion Classification Based on Segmented Image      
    Aleksandra DZIENISZEWSKA, Piotr GARBAT, Ryszard PIRAMIDOWICZ      
  P19 A deep-learning based algorithm for image reconstruction in Compton tomography    
    Ishak AYAD, Javier CEBEIRO, Cecilia TARPAU, Mai K. NGUYEN      
    France / UK / Argentina        
  P37 Identifying color space for improved image display      
    Djemel ZIOU          
12:30 Lunches            
14:00 - 18:00 Free tour of Paris
19:00 Gala Dinner  Dinner on boat (Paris en seine) on the Seine River around 2 hours 7pm - 9pm WARNING: You should be before 18h45 at the following address: Paris en Seine Pont de Bir-Hakeim l’île aux cygnes 75015 Paris        
Thursday 19/10/2023  Salle Stage          
08:20 Welcome Desk Registration          
08:30 Session 10 Image and video processing, coding and compression: II      
    Chairs: Ehsan SEDGH GOOYA, Amir FEIZ        
  P8 Privacy Preserving Encoder Classifier for Access Control Based on Face Recognition    
    Raghida EL SAJ, Chi-Hieu PHAM, Ehsen SEDGH GOOYA, Ayman AL FALOU, Mohamad KHALIL    
    France / Libanon        
  P27 Road Condition Detection and Crowdsourced Data Collection for Accident Prevention: A Deep Learning Approach
    Md Saroar JAHAN, Mominul ISLAM, Md Sanjid HOSSAIN, Mourad OUSSALAH, Jhuma Kabir MIM    
  P32 Frequency Analysis on Neuromorphic Data Using Discrete Fourier Transform      
  P59 VMD Based Powerline Interference Cancellation in ECG Signals        
    Haroon YOUSUF  Mir, Omkar SINGH        
10:00 Coffee break            
10:15 Invited Speaker 3 Quaternion Neural Networks:  A Novel Framework for Robust Scene Perception in Self-Driving Cars
    Prof. Sos Agaian        
    College of Staten Island,   and Graduate Center, USA      
    Chairs: William PUECH, Jenny BENOIS-PINEAU        
11:15 Session 11 Applications: II        
    Chairs:  Jenny BENOIS-PINEAU, Dionysis GOULARAS        
  P2 Animated lightning bolt generation using machine learning      
    Henrik Johansson, Prashant Goswami, Abbas Cheddad      
  P51 Pest Detection and Identification Guided by Feature Maps      
    Miao Chen, Yanan Chen, Minghui Guo, Jianji Wang        
  P56 A Robustness Study of Machine Learning Based Methods for Macula Detection in Pathological Fundus Images
    Landcover classification        
    Yaroub ELLOUMI, Rostom KACHOURI  
    Tunisia / France          
12:30 Lunches and Closing